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Over the course of our eight episodes, Midweek’s reporters have brought you a variety of stories. Some touched on serious issues, while others were much more light-hearted. We covered everything from butterflies to bilingual curriculums – and now that it’s our final show, our reporters have had lots of time to reflect.
In no particular order, here are some of our favourite stories that we produced for our listeners this term:

Wyatt Lang

Favourite Story: The introduction of self-driving cars on Ontario highways.
Why: It’s something I didn’t know a lot about going into it, but I got to talk to a lot of really knowledgeable people on the topic.

Jen Halsall
Favourite Story: The importance of preserving Canada’s historical properties. 
I love history and digging into the little parts of it.

Arturo Calvo
Favourite Story: The discovery of ship wreckage from the Franklin Expedition.
Why: I liked that my source challenged the stereotype of Indigenous knowledge on the Franklin Expedition.

Caitlin Hart
Favourite Story: The growing popularity of drag kings in Ottawa.
Why: It was just a really fun story to do.

Amanda Gregorio
Favourite Story: Looking at “Back to the Future” day and comparing reality to the predictions from the movie.
Why: I got to talk to professors about the future! It was a self-reflective story for me and it was a lot of fun.

Jenn Ko
Favourite Story: Where the government will be taking marijuana legalization post-election.
Why: It starts with the “Celebration” song! It was a lot of fun.

Aidan Geary
Favourite Story: Girl Guides of Canada brought in new guidelines for leaders to welcome transgender members.
Why: I got to speak to some really amazing people, and it’s nice to report on good news.

Ben Silcox
Favourite Story: Press conference on the refugee situation looking at government’s approach.
Why: I got to go to the Press Gallery which was cool, and I felt as though we were breaking and analyzing something important and current.

Shayla Kelly
Favourite Story: The introduction of fatbikes to Gatineau Park – trial run on snowshoe trails.
Why: I got to go to the Park which is one of my favourite places. I was able to talk to some cool people who were excited about getting people active!

Sarah Peterson
Favourite Story: Tax break for businesses donating to the food bank.
Why: I got to meet a lot of passionate people at food banks and see some of the important work that they do.

Kate Cornick
Favourite Story: Harperman.
Why: It was really fun to cover. I expected a lot of hate at the protest, but there was actually a lot of positivity and it just showed the power of song and how it can change the atmosphere of  protest.

Rachel Faber
Favourite Story: Women of Val D’Or rallying at Parliament over missing and murdered Indigenous women.
Why: It had good sound, good music, and it was an important story to tell – a unique-sounding story.

Veronica Green
Favourite Story: On Kaylen Prescott who wrote “We’re Ready” song for Liberal Party.
Why: It was interesting to interview someone who was a part of the Liberal team. She had great stories and was cool to interview.

Bea Britneff
Favourite Story: Ottawa’s Poutine Festival.
Why: I had the opportunity to work with sound and have fun with a local story.

Kabriya Coghlan
Favourite Story: The 100% Climate Change Solution March in Ottawa
Why: It was really cool to see so many people come out and how passionate the were. It was my final story for Midweek and a good one to end the year with.

Tim Forster
Favourite Story: Interviewing all the fringe candidates during the federal election.
Why: They weren’t as crazy as I thought, and were actually really interesting.

Zandile Chiwanza
Favourite Story:  Helping facilitate the story on the African film festival
Why: I’m always trying to create conversations about Africa on any platform, so the fact that I could fit it on a current affairs show is very important to me.

Sumbul Vallani
Favourite Story: Food and Agriculture Museum giving demos about cooking Indigenous dishes to kids on Thanksgiving.
Why: It was heartwarming. I thought what they were doing was really great, and a lot of kids don’t know where harvest actually comes from. It’s good they’re learning how to respect that culture.

Alexis Ferrier
Favourite Story: The anniversary of the Ottawa shooting from the perspective of three people who were on lockdown that day.
Why: I know where I was that day, but it was fascinating to hear what people who were actually on or near Parliament went through that day. I felt empowered to tell their stories.

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