Periscope Enhances Midweek Coverage of Historic Day


We’re always trying new things behind the scenes at Midweek. Today was no exception.

Periscope. It’s a live video broadcasting tool that’s been around for a few years but took a while to catch on. Now it’s on AppleTV and from the looks of things, it’s starting to take off.  Turns out it was the perfect platform for Midweek to enhance its coverage of this historic day.

Our reporters Jenn Ko and Amanda Gregorio were on the grounds at Rideau Hall this morning to cover the swearing in of our new Prime Minister and his cabinet. While doing live hits for our radio show, they also spent the morning broadcasting live video of our new PM with Periscope.

Since 1998 you’ve been able to hear us over the radio airwaves, but today we made waves online. One of our videos was shared over 50 times on Twitter. An impressive reach if we do say so ourselves.

Also, let’s be frank. If Trudeau can use Periscope – so can we. Come on people, keep up.

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