That’s a Wrap.

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From all of us here at Midweek Radio, we want to thank you for listening. Have a great holiday season and don’t forget – we’re back January 26! #MicDrop

Midweek's hosts for Episode 7: Shayla Kelly and Sumbul Vallani

Midweek’s hosts for Episode 7: Shayla Kelly and Sumbul Vallani

The crew of Midweek Fall 2015

The crew of Midweek Fall 2015

Reflective Reporters

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Over the course of our eight episodes, Midweek’s reporters have brought you a variety of stories. Some touched on serious issues, while others were much more light-hearted. We covered everything from butterflies to bilingual curriculums – and now that it’s our final show, our reporters have had lots of time to reflect.
In no particular order, here are some of our favourite stories that we produced for our listeners this term:

Wyatt Lang

Favourite Story: The introduction of self-driving cars on Ontario highways.
Why: It’s something I didn’t know a lot about going into it, but I got to talk to a lot of really knowledgeable people on the topic.

Jen Halsall
Favourite Story: The importance of preserving Canada’s historical properties. 
I love history and digging into the little parts of it.

Arturo Calvo
Favourite Story: The discovery of ship wreckage from the Franklin Expedition.
Why: I liked that my source challenged the stereotype of Indigenous knowledge on the Franklin Expedition.

Caitlin Hart
Favourite Story: The growing popularity of drag kings in Ottawa.
Why: It was just a really fun story to do.

Amanda Gregorio
Favourite Story: Looking at “Back to the Future” day and comparing reality to the predictions from the movie.
Why: I got to talk to professors about the future! It was a self-reflective story for me and it was a lot of fun.

Jenn Ko
Favourite Story: Where the government will be taking marijuana legalization post-election.
Why: It starts with the “Celebration” song! It was a lot of fun.

Aidan Geary
Favourite Story: Girl Guides of Canada brought in new guidelines for leaders to welcome transgender members.
Why: I got to speak to some really amazing people, and it’s nice to report on good news.

Ben Silcox
Favourite Story: Press conference on the refugee situation looking at government’s approach.
Why: I got to go to the Press Gallery which was cool, and I felt as though we were breaking and analyzing something important and current.

Shayla Kelly
Favourite Story: The introduction of fatbikes to Gatineau Park – trial run on snowshoe trails.
Why: I got to go to the Park which is one of my favourite places. I was able to talk to some cool people who were excited about getting people active!

Sarah Peterson
Favourite Story: Tax break for businesses donating to the food bank.
Why: I got to meet a lot of passionate people at food banks and see some of the important work that they do.

Kate Cornick
Favourite Story: Harperman.
Why: It was really fun to cover. I expected a lot of hate at the protest, but there was actually a lot of positivity and it just showed the power of song and how it can change the atmosphere of  protest.

Rachel Faber
Favourite Story: Women of Val D’Or rallying at Parliament over missing and murdered Indigenous women.
Why: It had good sound, good music, and it was an important story to tell – a unique-sounding story.

Veronica Green
Favourite Story: On Kaylen Prescott who wrote “We’re Ready” song for Liberal Party.
Why: It was interesting to interview someone who was a part of the Liberal team. She had great stories and was cool to interview.

Bea Britneff
Favourite Story: Ottawa’s Poutine Festival.
Why: I had the opportunity to work with sound and have fun with a local story.

Kabriya Coghlan
Favourite Story: The 100% Climate Change Solution March in Ottawa
Why: It was really cool to see so many people come out and how passionate the were. It was my final story for Midweek and a good one to end the year with.

Tim Forster
Favourite Story: Interviewing all the fringe candidates during the federal election.
Why: They weren’t as crazy as I thought, and were actually really interesting.

Zandile Chiwanza
Favourite Story:  Helping facilitate the story on the African film festival
Why: I’m always trying to create conversations about Africa on any platform, so the fact that I could fit it on a current affairs show is very important to me.

Sumbul Vallani
Favourite Story: Food and Agriculture Museum giving demos about cooking Indigenous dishes to kids on Thanksgiving.
Why: It was heartwarming. I thought what they were doing was really great, and a lot of kids don’t know where harvest actually comes from. It’s good they’re learning how to respect that culture.

Alexis Ferrier
Favourite Story: The anniversary of the Ottawa shooting from the perspective of three people who were on lockdown that day.
Why: I know where I was that day, but it was fascinating to hear what people who were actually on or near Parliament went through that day. I felt empowered to tell their stories.

Timbits and Bagels and Croissants, Oh My!

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It’s hard to believe how fast the semester has flown by, but today is our last show on Midweek! We’ve got our fill of coffee and bagels, and we’re ready to bring you all an awesome show. From updates on the 2014 bus crash to an interview with an Ottawa Redblacks player, we’ve got some great stories coming your way. Stay tuned listeners!

Shayla and Kate getting their morning caffeine fix

Shayla and Kate getting their morning caffeine fix

Mmm, bagels.

Feeding Frenzy

Our producers Eddie and Aidan are ready to put on a great show!


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Trending topics today on Midweek:

  1. #Refugees
  2. #ElNino
  3. #RedBlacks
  4. #InternationalDayForTheEndOfViolenceAgainstWomen
  5. #Foodwaste

Also on today’s show the latest on the yoga scandal at the University of Ottawa  #CulturalAppropriaton.

We look at the rise in popularity of women performing drag in the Ottawa community #DragKings

And finally #WinterIsComing , imagine being stuck with no heat for twelve days in January!  Tune in and find out more about pesky landlords profiting off students ignorance.

We’re moments away from Episode 8.

Tune in at 12.06 pm on CKCU 93.1 FM on your radio.

Follow us on twitter @MidweekCKCU #WeMakeSound


The soundtrack to Midweek

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Here at Midweek we feel strongly about sound — which means we also feel strongly about music. Before the show we always get our favourite tunes bumping in the newsroom, and if you tune in, you can hear some of our favourite tracks on the airwaves as well.

We put together a playlist of some of the songs you can hear on our show and in our earbuds, stream it below via Spotify.

Make sure to tune in Wednesdays at noon on CKCU to hear some great reporting and tunes.


Remembrance Day Edition

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remembrance day

People lie up at the poppy making station at Canadian War Museum. photo credit- Carol Boiera

It’s the Remembrance Day edition of Midweek. Today, a chunk of the show is dedicated to our country’s gallant soldiers. We will touch base with our correspondents who will give us live updates from the Canadian War Museum on events being held to mark the day.

Kabriya Coghlan will also explore recent reports of increased suicide rates among Canadian soldiers who served in Afghanistan.

Playwright Julia Mackey brings her play Jake’s Gift to Ottawa. Veronica Green catches up with her. The play is about a war veteran who returned to Normandy for the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

Tune in at noon after the BBC news for a wonderful radio experience. You can listen on CKCU 93.1 FM on your radio or on your TuneIn app. You can also listen live here:

Follow us on twitter @MidweekCKCU for more updates.


Periscope Enhances Midweek Coverage of Historic Day

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We’re always trying new things behind the scenes at Midweek. Today was no exception.

Periscope. It’s a live video broadcasting tool that’s been around for a few years but took a while to catch on. Now it’s on AppleTV and from the looks of things, it’s starting to take off.  Turns out it was the perfect platform for Midweek to enhance its coverage of this historic day.

Our reporters Jenn Ko and Amanda Gregorio were on the grounds at Rideau Hall this morning to cover the swearing in of our new Prime Minister and his cabinet. While doing live hits for our radio show, they also spent the morning broadcasting live video of our new PM with Periscope.

Since 1998 you’ve been able to hear us over the radio airwaves, but today we made waves online. One of our videos was shared over 50 times on Twitter. An impressive reach if we do say so ourselves.

Also, let’s be frank. If Trudeau can use Periscope – so can we. Come on people, keep up.

Midweek Goes Back to the Future

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Back to the Future hits the Midweek production room

Back to the Future hits the Midweek production room – by Carol Boeira

oc 21 2015October 21st, 2015 was no regular show for Midweek. It was one that took everyone back in time, and  “Back to the Future.” Our show landed on the actual day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled back to the future in the hit 1980’s sci-fi comedy. We kept our eyes peeled for any funky looking DeLoreans zipping through the air, just in case.

Midweek reporter Amanda Gregorio produced an awesome documentary commemorating the special day. It explores everything from childhood memories about the classic film, to how we imagine what the future might be like.

Listen to the doc here. It’ll take you on a sweet ride, I guarantee it. (Maybe not as sweet as one you might have in a car with gull-wing doors, but, pretty close).


October 21, 2015

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What a great week!

This week’s show was hosted by Aidan Geary and Amanda Gregorio.

During this week’s show we heard from a young transgender Girl Guide, about the association’s new guidelines in place for welcoming transgendered members.

This week is Asexual Awareness week, but you may be asking yourself, what does it mean to be asexual anyway? We found out  on today’s show.

We also explored what it might mean if Marijuana is legalized in Canada if the new liberal government fulfills their promises.

Couldn’t listen live? No problem! Listen to the podcast here:

Get to know us! And what passes through our ears…

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We at Midweek like to make things that sound good. Things that we think YOU will think sounds good.

As prideful as we may be about our work and all the crazy cool stories we send out into the air, we don’t sit around and listen to our beautiful voices in our spare time. Or, at least, I don’t think any of us do… (More power to anyone who has successfully crossed the “cringe every time you hear your own voice” threshold!)

So, what DOES the Midweek team listen to? Here are some of our current faves:

Kate Cornick:

Love + Radio – “In-depth, otherworldly-produced interviews with an eclectic range of subjects, from the seedy to the sublime.”

Tim Forster:

99% Invisible  “A tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world.”

 Ben Silcox:

Invisibilia “Explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.”

“Invisibila makes me feel like I can see into a whole different world, it makes me feel like I have even more senses beyond sight and sound” -Ben Silcox

Fugitive Waves  – “Lost recordings and shards of sound, along with new tales of remarkable people from around the world. Stories from the flip side of history.”

“If you didn’t know it was history you’d think they were just some beautiful little fictional stories, but they’re actually rooted in reality” – Ben Silcox

Kate Cornick, Ben Silcox:

Radiolab – “Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.”

Amanda Gregorio, Kate Cornick:

This America Life – “We sometimes think of our program as a documentary show for people who normally hate documentaries. A public radio show for people who don’t necessarily care for public radio.”

Jen Halsall, Amanda Gregorio:

Welcome to Night Vale – “A twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events”. Oh, and it’s all completely fictional.

Jen Ko:snap

Snap Judgment – “a themed, weekly NPR storytelling show. We focus on presenting compelling personal stories – mixing killer beats with real drama to produce cinematic, dramatic and kick-ass radio.”

Bea Britneff:

Planet Money –  “Money makes the world go around, faster and faster every day. On NPR’s Planet Money, you’ll meet high rollers, brainy economists and regular folks — all trying to make sense of our rapidly changing global economy.”


What does show day look like?

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Ever wonder what a “face for radio” looks like?

Here are the awesome faces behind Midweek Radio on October 15th.

On show day, we tend to drink lots of coffee, bring lots of snacks, and look very tired. Oh, and work hard.

See you next time!


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Interview

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The Midweek team has survived a grand total of two live radio shows. That means we’re experts… right?

Well, not quite. But we’re getting there. And if there’s anything we’ve learned this term, it’s that a few helpful pointers can go a long way. So, for all of you out there looking to do some radio producin’ of your own, here are some tips and tricks from the experts here at Midweek.

The Perfect Interview

We like to think of the perfect interview as something of a Holy Grail – or at the very least, a cornerstone to journalistic success.

In a radio show you might not always have your listeners’ full attention, so it’s important to ask clear, concise, and interesting questions. If you have time, do a pre-interview to discover your guest’s most interesting answers.

Here’s a wide-eyed Tom Hardy doppelgänger with a few more interview tips.


Sounds Like…

When it comes to radio, sound is important. Obviously.

It’s important to get clear, noise-free sound so your listeners don’t get distracted. Here are our tips for sound:

1. First, make sure you find an area with little-to-no background noise to record your source. Radio is intimate so don’t be afraid to get close, close, close. This will make your life much easier in the editing room.

2. Sit down. Sit straight. Relax. Proper posture and calm breathing will bring out a strong, clear voice from both you and your interviewee.

3. Wrap the microphone cord around your arm twice or three times. Snaking the cord around your arm will keep the cord in place, reducing the possibility of that ear-itching, guttural cord noise.

4. Do not point the microphone directly at the mouth like you see on television. Instead, put the mic off to the side of your source’s mouth, at a 45 degree angle about 6 inches away. This will help prevent “popped Ps” that sound so bad on air.

And there you have it. If you found this helpful or if you have any tips to add, let us know!

If you’re in Ottawa, you can catch Midweek every Wednesday after the BBC news on CKCU (93.1 FM). Or, be sure to check back. We post all shows here.


October 7, 2015

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And that’s the show!

Midweek was hosted by Ben Silcox and Carol Boeira today.

We discussed everything from climate change to women’s sports to Carleton’s butterfly show –  which you’ve got until Monday, October 12th to check out!

With less than two weeks until the federal election, we also covered student voting and local election debates. Tomorrow’s the last day that students can vote right here at Carleton University.

We talked about Arthur McDonald, the Canadian co-winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, and got a shout-out from Daniel Richer, the man from Aylmer who came third in the International Town Crier Competition in New Zealand.

Midweek will be back on air next Wednesday at noon on CKCU.

If you missed the show today, you can listen to the podcast below:


Today’s Radio Show Combo: Music Videos, Sex Ed… and Voting

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In less than two hours, our second show will be hitting the air, and we’ve got all kinds of stories lined up for you today.

CUSA’s music video urging students to vote got some bad reactions on campus last week, but it didn’t stop there. Vice media called it “the most embarrassing music video in Canadian history” – yikes! Amanda Gregorio has the response from CUSA’s President Fahd Alhattab.

Tomorrow’s the last day you can vote from right here on campus – we’ll let you know how.

Ontario’s bringing in a new sex sed curriculum this year, and Veronica Green talked with a parent who has some concerns.

You’ll also hear about Sunday’s candlelight vigil on Parliament Hill for missing and murdered indigenous women. Jen Halsall spoke with the Native Women’s Association of Canada about developing awareness of the issue during this election.

In local news, Jim Watson held an election debate that some candidates skipped out on and this weekend Ottawa residents heard about being environmentally sustainable at the Green Energy Doors Open showcase. We’ve got the stories.

Hear it all on CKCU 93.1 FM today – right after the BBC News at noon.


September 30, 2015

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This week’s show had something for everyone. We covered topics ranging from a fall coffee beverage phenomena to transgender issues to a new report on the aging population. We even played some Drake.

Some reporters hit the street today to get public opinion on CUSA’s new “vote mob” song – and the reviews were not all positive. Some people thought it was downright weird.

Reporter Carol Boeira shared people’s phone-shattering horror stories.

We’ll be back next week with new hosts and a new team of reporters.

If you managed to catch us on CKCU, thanks for listening! If you missed the live show, don’t sweat it. Catch the podcast below:



We’ll do it live!

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Today is the day! Our first live radio show of the season will air at noon today on CKCU’s 93.1 FM. Our reporters have been working all week to bring you the latest news and current affairs. From cows making an appearance on parliament hill, to Nobel-nominated professors – an exciting show is in store.

With the election in only 19 days, we’ll be covering the issue of strategic voting. Reporter Jenn Ko spoke to NDP candidate Marlene Rivier and Green Party candidate Mark Brooks of Ottawa-West Nepean.

Ko also followed up with Ecology Ottawa, an organization dedicated to asking people to “vote for the environment,” meaning the party in their riding that they think can defeat the Conservatives, who they believe to be anti-environment. We’ll find out what that’s all about soon.

Carleton hosted a second all-candidates debate for Ottawa Central, where youth voter issues were much of the focus. Reporter Alexis Ferrier will give you the scoop about the fight-night hosted by Carleton’s student association.

More on the election is coverage of the Carleton University Students Association Register to Vote campaign. Check out their “Vote Mob” video here:

Stay tuned for this and more at noon on 93.1 FM or listen to the podcast here on later!


Live radio – we are ready for you.

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That’s a wrap! Midweek’s first semester class is officially ready to get on with the show. Hosts Wyatt Lang and Alexis Ferrier talked us through the latest today, and to say it was our first show ever – it wasn’t half bad. Our practice show didn’t go to air, but here’s the audio if you want take a listen:

Today’s show was just a taste of what will be experienced by listeners in the coming weeks. The show will include live in-studio interviews, reporter hits from the scene, in-depth documentaries, and reporter run-downs of important issues.

Throughout the term, there will be three separate teams responsible for creating 90 minutes of campus radio fun. The current affairs and interview teams will be working to bring you the best news, arts, and politics updates next Wednesday. Our production team will ensure that everything is running smoothly with audio, digital, and story lineup.

Tune into 93.1 FM at noon on Wednesday to hear more from the radio team at Carleton J-School.

IMG_6070 (1)

Prepping for a season of Midweek

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Reporters, editors and producers at Midweek are prepping for an action-packed season of campus radio. Today will be a dry run, preparing the team for their first real-deal broadcast next week.

This week, Midweek students have prepared documentary pieces on issues from political protests to environmental issues. Reporters will be live in studio to talk with our hosts about graphic design, and chatting with experts to give you the scoop about the science behind craft beer.

Tune into our first show next week to catch up with the news and learn something new from Carleton’s senior journalism students. The show airs every Wednesday from noon until 1:30pm.

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