1:22 – Lace up your skates – Winterlude begins this weekend. The three-week festival has new events this year with something for everyone. There’s food, boat racing, ice carving and more. Organizers are hoping for some colder weather for the next few weeks. Midweek’s Charlie Pinkerton went to Confederation Park to find out more

2:37 – President Trump’s Muslim ban has stirred fear worldwide. Canadian citizens and permanent residents still travel to the U.S.A. But for many, a trip south of the border seems to risky. Nadine Yousif is a journalism student at Carleton University. She is also a Canadian cictizen who was born in Iraq. Yousif is planning to visit New York in February but now her trip comes with heightened anxiety.

5:35 – Last Friday, President Trump issued an executive order that’s been labelled by many as a Muslim ban. The new policy restricts citizens and refugees from seven primarily Muslim countries from entering the U-S. The order didn’t sit well with many people. Protests emerged at airports and city halls across North America. On Monday, a protest gathered outside the American Embassy here in Ottawa. Midweek reporter Cody MacKay reports live in studio.

9:33 – Quebec City mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette is charged with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called this a terrorist attack, but Bissonnette faces no terrorism charges. Midweek’s Lucy Juneau got an opinion from Alex Wilner, a Carleton University associate professor teaching a class on terrorism and international security.

13:33 – In the wake of the Quebec City mosque shooting, news outlets were quick to report on names of suspects. Simon Deschamps sat down with Carleton University journalism professor Karim Karim to talk about media reporting in crisis situations.

16:52 – Ottawa and Gatineau police say they’re being extra vigilant after last weekend’s shooting in Quebec City. They say they’ll keep a closer watch on mosques and other places of worship in an effort to protect them from potential extremist attacks. Midweek’s Jacob Hoytema spoke with Ottawa Police Constable Marc Soucy about these extra measures.

20:32 – On Monday afternoon, three of the candidates in the Conservative Party leadership race joined a small group of protestors on Parliament Hill to speak against the federal carbon tax plan. Midweek’s Curtis Panke went to the Hill to find out more about the protest.

22:00 – Hitler-Mussolini- Trump? Are there actual similarities to fascist regimes of the past and what is happening today? History Professor, Jennifer Evans, is crowd sourcing written material to help make these comparisons. Midweek’s Darren Major talked with her over the phone this week.

26:00 – More than one hundred people gathered at the Ottawa City Hall last Friday to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day and commemorate the millions of victims. The speakers stood up against anti-Semitism, hate and racism. As Midweek Simon Deschamps reports, education is the key to building a climate of acceptance.

27:30 – After changes made last month, your burger and fries comes with a side order of your daily calorie intake. Since January first, restaurants in Ontario with twenty or more locations must display the calories of each food and drink item. Although combating obesity, this policy may be harming people with eating disorders. Midweek’s Lucy Juneau spoke with Andrea Lamarre who personally suffered from anorexia and is a P-H-D graduate on eating disorders.

31:33 – Ketamine is a drug that has become recognized as a successful treatment for mood disorders. The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre has been studying this for years. Midweek’s Luke Carroll has the story.

33:12 – This past Sunday, gallery-goers immersed themselves in Indigenous art with a tour of the Alex Janvier exhibit at the National Gallery, curated by Greg Hill. Midweek’s Maxine Betteridge-Moes attended the tour to learn more about this celebrated contemporary artist.

37:22 – A flying canoe? A musical saw? Puppets? One Ottawa theatre group is putting a new spin on old stories. Midweek’s Darren Major checked out one of their shows this week.

38:50 – The women’s marches on January twenty-first left people wondering on how to continue the momentum. But Media Action, a local non-profit thinks it may have part of the answer. Its new series of events aim to connect female leaders with the community. Midweek’s Alison Sandstrom went to the kick-off, “Ask Women Anything” night to find out more about the initiative.

42:45 – Being a school-aged girl anywhere in the world is never simple. But being a school age girl in Lesotho during her period can mean missing out on twelve weeks of school every year. In Canada, one charity spin class has plenty of Canadians willing to feel the pain to benefit girls in Lesotho. Midweek’s Amy Fraser has the story.

46:56 – Starting February 1, students are Carleton can now vote in the twenty seventeen student government election. Midweek’s Curtis Panke was at Carleton to find out what voter turnout will be like this year.

48:19 – The Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championship was held at TD Place from January sixteenth to twenty second. The event showcased Canada’s top figure skaters including Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir and Patrick Chan. But there was a lesser-known name who was commemorated with an induction into the Skating Hall of Fame. Longtime coach Richard Gauthier was honoured with the induction on the last day of the championship. Reporter Jacob Hoytema has that story. This documentary is co-produced by Maya Gwilliam and Luke Carroll.

53:03 – January is Scottish month in Ottawa, with various events celebrating Scottish heritage. The third annual Sir John A. Macdonald kilt skate closed off the Scottish festivities over the weekend. Canada’s first prime minister was remembered and celebrated for his contributions to the country, with skaters donning pieces of plaid in his honour. Don Cummer is the skater-in-chief for the Scottish Society of Ottawa, and organizer of the national event. Midweek’s Brianne Smith spoke with him earlier about the skate, and Macdonald’s lasting influence.

55:53 – Just over a week ago, local sports retailer Elgin Sports announced that it would be closing permanently. This announcement follows a series of local business closures in Ottawa. Heather Botham spoke with Jean Dextras about his forty years worth of memories working at the local sports store.

59:10 – Last night, the Ottawa Public Library moved closer to approving a new location for their central branch. But the new branch may not be as central as its name implies.Midweek’s Jacob Hoytema brings us the story.

60:35 – Killings, Maulings, Dog-fighting. There’s no shortage of news around pitbulls and the damage they can cause – but what about the good ones? Pitbulls have been banned in Ontario since two thousand and five, although it’s a province wide ban, it’s up to the cities to enforce the rules. And Ottawa has chosen to not enforce the ban — which means dog-owner Calvin Picard can keep his best friend. This documentary is co-produced by Cody MacKay and Curtis Panke.