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What does show day look like?

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Ever wonder what a “face for radio” looks like?

Here are the awesome faces behind Midweek Radio on October 15th.

On show day, we tend to drink lots of coffee, bring lots of snacks, and look very tired. Oh, and work hard.

See you next time!


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Interview

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The Midweek team has survived a grand total of two live radio shows. That means we’re experts… right?

Well, not quite. But we’re getting there. And if there’s anything we’ve learned this term, it’s that a few helpful pointers can go a long way. So, for all of you out there looking to do some radio producin’ of your own, here are some tips and tricks from the experts here at Midweek.

The Perfect Interview

We like to think of the perfect interview as something of a Holy Grail – or at the very least, a cornerstone to journalistic success.

In a radio show you might not always have your listeners’ full attention, so it’s important to ask clear, concise, and interesting questions. If you have time, do a pre-interview to discover your guest’s most interesting answers.

Here’s a wide-eyed Tom Hardy doppelgänger with a few more interview tips.


Sounds Like…

When it comes to radio, sound is important. Obviously.

It’s important to get clear, noise-free sound so your listeners don’t get distracted. Here are our tips for sound:

1. First, make sure you find an area with little-to-no background noise to record your source. Radio is intimate so don’t be afraid to get close, close, close. This will make your life much easier in the editing room.

2. Sit down. Sit straight. Relax. Proper posture and calm breathing will bring out a strong, clear voice from both you and your interviewee.

3. Wrap the microphone cord around your arm twice or three times. Snaking the cord around your arm will keep the cord in place, reducing the possibility of that ear-itching, guttural cord noise.

4. Do not point the microphone directly at the mouth like you see on television. Instead, put the mic off to the side of your source’s mouth, at a 45 degree angle about 6 inches away. This will help prevent “popped Ps” that sound so bad on air.

And there you have it. If you found this helpful or if you have any tips to add, let us know!

If you’re in Ottawa, you can catch Midweek every Wednesday after the BBC news on CKCU (93.1 FM). Or, be sure to check back. We post all shows here.


October 7, 2015

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And that’s the show!

Midweek was hosted by Ben Silcox and Carol Boeira today.

We discussed everything from climate change to women’s sports to Carleton’s butterfly show –  which you’ve got until Monday, October 12th to check out!

With less than two weeks until the federal election, we also covered student voting and local election debates. Tomorrow’s the last day that students can vote right here at Carleton University.

We talked about Arthur McDonald, the Canadian co-winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, and got a shout-out from Daniel Richer, the man from Aylmer who came third in the International Town Crier Competition in New Zealand.

Midweek will be back on air next Wednesday at noon on CKCU.

If you missed the show today, you can listen to the podcast below:


September 30, 2015

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This week’s show had something for everyone. We covered topics ranging from a fall coffee beverage phenomena to transgender issues to a new report on the aging population. We even played some Drake.

Some reporters hit the street today to get public opinion on CUSA’s new “vote mob” song – and the reviews were not all positive. Some people thought it was downright weird.

Reporter Carol Boeira shared people’s phone-shattering horror stories.

We’ll be back next week with new hosts and a new team of reporters.

If you managed to catch us on CKCU, thanks for listening! If you missed the live show, don’t sweat it. Catch the podcast below:



We’ll do it live!

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Today is the day! Our first live radio show of the season will air at noon today on CKCU’s 93.1 FM. Our reporters have been working all week to bring you the latest news and current affairs. From cows making an appearance on parliament hill, to Nobel-nominated professors – an exciting show is in store.

With the election in only 19 days, we’ll be covering the issue of strategic voting. Reporter Jenn Ko spoke to NDP candidate Marlene Rivier and Green Party candidate Mark Brooks of Ottawa-West Nepean.

Ko also followed up with Ecology Ottawa, an organization dedicated to asking people to “vote for the environment,” meaning the party in their riding that they think can defeat the Conservatives, who they believe to be anti-environment. We’ll find out what that’s all about soon.

Carleton hosted a second all-candidates debate for Ottawa Central, where youth voter issues were much of the focus. Reporter Alexis Ferrier will give you the scoop about the fight-night hosted by Carleton’s student association.

More on the election is coverage of the Carleton University Students Association Register to Vote campaign. Check out their “Vote Mob” video here:

Stay tuned for this and more at noon on 93.1 FM or listen to the podcast here on later!


Live radio – we are ready for you.

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That’s a wrap! Midweek’s first semester class is officially ready to get on with the show. Hosts Wyatt Lang and Alexis Ferrier talked us through the latest today, and to say it was our first show ever – it wasn’t half bad. Our practice show didn’t go to air, but here’s the audio if you want take a listen:

Today’s show was just a taste of what will be experienced by listeners in the coming weeks. The show will include live in-studio interviews, reporter hits from the scene, in-depth documentaries, and reporter run-downs of important issues.

Throughout the term, there will be three separate teams responsible for creating 90 minutes of campus radio fun. The current affairs and interview teams will be working to bring you the best news, arts, and politics updates next Wednesday. Our production team will ensure that everything is running smoothly with audio, digital, and story lineup.

Tune into 93.1 FM at noon on Wednesday to hear more from the radio team at Carleton J-School.

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Prepping for a season of Midweek

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Reporters, editors and producers at Midweek are prepping for an action-packed season of campus radio. Today will be a dry run, preparing the team for their first real-deal broadcast next week.

This week, Midweek students have prepared documentary pieces on issues from political protests to environmental issues. Reporters will be live in studio to talk with our hosts about graphic design, and chatting with experts to give you the scoop about the science behind craft beer.

Tune into our first show next week to catch up with the news and learn something new from Carleton’s senior journalism students. The show airs every Wednesday from noon until 1:30pm.